Saturday, January 17, 2009


OK so I did something stupid, really stupid. I cracked the glass screen on my laptop. Yeah I will admit it..I cried.
I can't believe it happened, I have been so careful not to have something get caught in my laptop as I close it. Not only did I do that, but then proceeded to leave it on the couch where it got covered by an afghan. Then it was sat on.... yup sat on. The sitter will remain unnamed as the blame is mine for putting it there so carelessly.

My husband has told me stories of what people have tried to claim has happened to computer equipment that was turned in to be fixed. Oh like someone turned in a cracked screen and said they left it near a cold window and the drastic temperature change made it happen. Such drastic freak weather in Virginia..yeah right.

So the search began to see how much a new screen was going to cost. It was really depressing. Oh don't get me wrong they had them, several sites that is. $$$ All I need is the screen, I have someone who can install it thankfully. Yeah I love my husband. You don't even want to know the look I got after he looked at my screen. I should have been more careful. I looked at him and told him the truth. Hey at least I didn't say I left it near a window.

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