Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Sarah Palin issue

So Gov.Sarah Palin is doing these interviews (keep in mind that no I have not watched them I have only seen clips) to talk about how unfair she feels she has been treated. She has been made fun of that much I think. Reasons: Maybe because she does not exhibit the traits we have be come accustom to in our politicians, she was virtually unknown to most Americans before she was announced as the Republican VP running mate (don't know if that is the right term), when it came to unscripted speaking she lack an easy flow to conversation. That and other things I alone could contribute it to.

Does she understand that she is feeding the flames sorta speak. The media is going to bring up negative things from her past, they are going to critic her on everything, and make cracks about her. Sometimes I believe they do this to, yes be informative, but also to see how the person responds to such. I mean come on when you were in school and kids made fun of you for something if you don't give them the response they are looking for they normally go looking for someone else that will give them the entertainment they are looking for. Yeah there will be a few people the will keep it up because they obviously have an issue with you.

Ok enough of that. This is not a political blog so please don't feel the need to beat this subject to death. I am not a political mastermind by any means. I just happened to catch a show that was mentioning the fact that Gov. Palin was saying she wanted to see how the media was going to treat Caroline Kennedy (sp name right??). If it was going to turn into a class issue like she feels it was for her.

Hey next time I might talk about.. oh who knows.

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